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Adiyaman is very important aspect of tourism. The cradle of the oldest civilizations in history, is among the most important provinces in Turkey from the aspect of tourism. Especially, on the Nemrut Mountain in Kahta District, the graves, temples and the statues of kings are extremely interesting for tourists. The province has recorded great developments in agriculture thanks to the introduction of irrigation with the GAP project, and industrialization has accelerated in recent years.

Travel and Visit Mount Nemrut - Mountain of Gods

The Mount Nemrut is one the highest peaks of the Mesopotamia, and its summit at 2,206 metres above the sea level contains the tomb of King Antiochus I of Commagene, commissioned by himself. The gigantic statues of gods, each weighing 6 tons and 10 metres tall, indicate what kind of super-human effort was spent on the construction of the tomb. Boulders were the main material used and they were carried up the mountain from the valley below, and similarly the crushed rock pieces used to pile over the main tomb chamber in order to create a 50 ‑metre high cone with 150-metre diameter base were carried the same way. This creative scheme has proven to be effective and prevented grave robbers accessing to the inner sanctum. The tomb chamber is yet to be accessed and the treasures inside are awaiting discovery. However the statues of gods and the sanctuary formed along the three aspects of the tumulus are considered unique, and consequently it was inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage.

If you only have time for a short journey into eastern Turkey and have to pick one sight to see, Mount Nemrut can’t be beaten. The mountain is about 43 kilometers from Kahta. Arrive for sunrise on the summit to experience the true magic of the setting. If you already did a plan to visit Cappadocia then you can consider to travel and visit Mount Nemrut as well. Best way to visit Mount Nemrut is, join to the Private Tour From Cappadocia  or you can combine your Turkey itinerary with Istanbul, Cappadocia and Mount Nemrut and join to the related Turkey Tour Package.

” Land of Civilizations .. ” Which is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia Adiyaman, belonging to prehistoric finds , as well as belonging to the Commagene civilization , the world ‘s 8th called great and UNESCO ” Cultural Heritage of Humanity ” list located in the province of Mount Nemrut ruins, and having spread across 150 historic importance because there are cultural assets . Civilizations of Adiyaman city, about 16,000 pieces of historical artifacts are on display in the museum .

The Commagene State was founded in the first century B.C. on the lands of the Adiyaman Province of today. King  Antiochus  I, who was known to be an art lover, decided that his grave should be at the summit of Nemrut Mountain and said, “Those who come to visit my grave should wear their most beautiful clothes and the most fragrant perfumes. I will give them happiness and prosperity for generations on these lands.” In fact, the Nemrut Mountain National Park and the summit of Nemrut Mountain, with its impressive silhouette at a height of 2150 meters, is the place in the province visited the most by domestic and foreign tourists, with its natural beauty and historical assets.

The mausoleum of Antiochus I, located at the summit of the mountain, is surrounded by three sacred areas in the shape of a terrace carved into the hard rock, to the east, west and north. At the eastern terrace are located the statues of Apollo, the god of art; Tyche (Fortuna), the goddess of fertility and fortune; Zeus, the god of the heavens; Hercules, the god of strength; King Antiochus; an eagle and a lion. The height of the statues is close to 9 meters. The steles of the Commagene Royal Family are to the north and south, and to the east of the terrace, there is a rectangular shaped altar with steps, and beside it a protective lion statue. The western terrace, where there are the same statues, is more effective in its sculpture, in spite of the fact that it has experienced more damage in comparison with the eastern terrace. Nemrut Mountain has a unique pastoral beauty, especially at sunset on the western terrace, and visitors experience moments that they will not forget as long as they live. The most suitable time of year for climbing the mountain is between 15 May and 15 October.

Things to Do in Adiyaman & Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut Adiyaman, 86 km from the town of Oracle 51km away. The world’s 8th referred to as the great and this place is located in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List 2150 on the Eastern Taurus Mountain in height , with the passage of the Euphrates river , on a hill overlooking the plain . 1 Commagene King Anticeos ‘ a ( Antikos ) built on bedrock and breaking on a tomb stones stacked tümlüs was created in the form of a big hill . East -West and North of the tumulus to the rocky giant king and god of 9-10 meters in size , were placed statues of lions and eagles . Sanctuary of ARSAMEIA Adiyaman province , sometimes within the boundaries of the district is located . BC In the 3rd century ( Hellenistic period ) was founded by experienced arsemes was known by this name . We Hellenes after the prehistoric era , Rome and the Middle Ages is also used as the location . There are train towards the south Mitras’ın relief style . PERRIN 5 km from the ancient city of Adiyaman . Örenl within the boundaries of the neighborhood are away . Perrin city, is one of Commagene country’s fifth largest city . Currently, very few reached a hangover . In the ancient city walls , still being used by people and nearly 200 rock fountain is located in the necropolis with the tomb.

Cuisine in Adiyaman

Adiyaman, show similarities with the neighboring provinces in the kinds of food but , should the names of foods and are different in terms of both construction methods . Licenced by the Ministry of Tourism in the province Eating – Drinking leisure facilities available. However, in the city center , whether in the districts get 100 – 150 person capacity domestic and foreign tourists services to offer exquisite food – drinks and the Ataturk dam on the coast fish with will serve restaurants and resting places are.

Shopping in Adiyaman

Adiyaman in towns and villages carpets, rugs, saddlebags, saddlebag art and aesthetic taste of the local people , such as , handicrafts and traditional handicrafts that reflect the people of the region to meet their needs , as well as tourist commodity is produced . Besides, young girls , the language, the writing can be considered needlepoint , cross-stitch embroidery has great importance and value in the region . Koskerlik not protect against the presence of the new technologies ( Yemenicilik ) has been almost non-existent.

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History of the Mount Nemrut

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Travel to Mt.Nemrut

Mount Nemrut

The mausoleum of Antiochus I (69–34 B.C.), who reigned over Commagene, a kingdom founded north of Syria and the Euphrates after the breakup of Alexander’s empire, is one of the most ambitious constructions of the Hellenistic period.

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