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Biblical Tours in Turkey

At the time of the early Christianity, Asia Minor (today’s Turkey) was one of the most important lands  because it was the center for the growing Christian movement in the early centuries. Most of the city names mentioned in the Holy Bible are here and two third of the New Testament had been written to or from the churches located in Turkey. Whatever faith based experience you want, we can design a trip to trace that mysticism. From Old Testament sites like Mount AraratHarran and Edessa to New Testament sites like the seven churches of Asia Minor, the birthplace of St. Paul (Tarsus), Apostle Paul missionary journeys, to the first Christian church of St. Peter (Antioch), the church of St. Nicholas (Myra), the city of Nicea where Nicean creed comes from or the world’s first temple Gobeklitepe and the rock carved churches of Cappadocia, we virtually cover it all.