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The capital Ankara, Turkey’s second largest city and heart of the War of Independence, was modern-planned and developed in a short time. Ankara was founded by Celts for the first time in known history. During the B.C.3 century, the Celts came from Europe and extended over in Central Anatolia using the Balkans and the Straits where they founded Galatia and make Ankara their capitol city. Later Ankara lived Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and  Ottoman periods and became todays Ankara as the capital city of Turkey.

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Welcome to Ankara to discover the capital city which is Turkey’s second largest city, located in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey.

Ankara is a sprawling, modern city which can appear as little more than a dull, concrete jungle at first glance. As a result, many tourists tend to use it merely as a transit point for getting to places like Konya or Cappodocia. However Ankara does have a lot to offer for those prepared to look a bit deeper.

Ankara has a symbolic significance for the secular Turks. It is the place where a new era for the Turkish people started. It is a symbol for independence, development and Western values.

The country’s capital has made remarkable progress from a dusty Anatolian backwater to today’s sophisticated arena for international affairs. Turkey’s economic success is reflected in the booming restaurant scene around Kavaklidere and the ripped-jean politik of Kizilay’s sidewalk cafes, frequented by hip students, old-timers and businessmen alike. And while the dynamic street-life is enough of a reason to visit, Ankara also boasts two extraordinary monuments central to the Turkish story – the beautifully conceived Museum of Anatolian Civilisations and the Anıt Kabir, a colossal tribute to Ataturk, modern Turkey’s founder.

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About Ankara

Ankara is the Turkish capital and a place that embodies many modern and ancient attractions. It is a place that is enjoyable to visit whether for business, tourism or pleasure and it is solidifying its expertise in these areas as the city grows.

Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum

Things to Do in Ankara

Ankara, as the capital city and the administrative centre of Turkey, symbolizes independence and modernity to Turkish people. Ankara has a mix of modern and historical elements in different neighbourhoods. Therefore, going to Ankara is a unique opportunity to experience Turkish cultures and architectures. Check out below what to do and see while in Ankara!

The capital of civilization in Anatolia, Ankara with its ruins of Hittite, Phrygia, Roman, Seljuk Empires and with its key role during the Turkish Independence War, is gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

Hattusha; The Hittite Capital

The archaeological site of Hattusha, former capital of the Hittite Empire, is notable for its urban organization, the types of construction that have been preserved (temples, royal residences, fortifications), the rich ornamentation of the Lions’ Gate and the Royal Gate, and the ensemble of rock art at Yazilikaya. The city enjoyed considerable influence in Anatolia and northern Syria in the 2nd millennium B.C.

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