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Finding a Good Travel Agent

We focus on working with overseas Travel Agents and Agencies is a professional and reliable Boutique Travel Agency in Turkey whose goal is to provide excellent service to your clients.You can be sure that your clients will have the experience of a lifetime.

Finding a Good and Right Travel Agent in Turkey

Whether you are visiting Turkey for the first or the umpteenth time, you will need the services of Turkey Travel Agencies. You realize that this is a big country, with so many tourist attractions. Without a good Tour Agency Organizing your itinerary for you, you may actually miss more than you will see.

Whether you are on planning a tour for leisure or for business, we will be there to help you in planning and executing the tour to Turkey in the best way to fulfill your needs. We can help you in planning hassle free packages with affodable prices for your upcoming trip to Turkey. Turkey Tour Packages are combination of destinations and activities with various elements to impress you, be it a hustle bustle of the city or a visit to an off beaten route you will always feel inspired to travel more and more to know the country – Turkey.

Thus, whether you are looking for a group or an independent tour of Turkey , let us discuss to help you. You will enjoy yourself much better in a new country when you have someone taking care of the details of the itinerary for you. “Discover Turkey With Us!”

Working with Rivos Tour is the perfect way to outsource your requests to a company that delivers personalized luxury travel services in Turkey. Rivos Tour will work with you directly to design a perfect trip that fits the travel expectations of your client; we will precisely take care of all of their travel details from the moment they arrive to the moment they depart from Turkey! Rivos Tour provides a particularly planned travel experience that includes  unique destinationsgreat accommodation,    impeccable transfers, and exciting activities, while giving them the freedom to relax and experience Turkey.

Program of Partnership for Overseas and Domestic Travel Agents and Tour Operators

We are happy to be a partner with a variety of different international travel agencies and suppliers from all around the world

Just Let Us Know What You Are Looking For!

Quickest Access

Rivos Tour Advisors give swift service. We think all possibilities and choose the best service for you before you ask so. To reach these unique services, you can use different communication items such as e-mail, Mobile or normal Phone.

Fully Customized Itineraries

“Each guest is special and different.” This is the bottom line of the Rivos Tour and for that reason we do not restrict our guests with regular programs. All of our programs are customized by our Travel Advisors to fulfill your guest’s requests. Therefore, we create new programs for each guest reflecting their style and needs.

7 day/24 hr Special Care

Rivos Tour is not only an agency but also a friend of its guests who take care about them. We meet our entire guests who step into Istanbul. Besides, while they are traveling in and out Istanbul,we contact them several times, during their stay. Moreover, our mobile phone is given to all of the guests for emergency contact in case they want to ask something and we give service 7 days / 24 hours to our guests.

Best Hotel and Room Suggestions for the Value

All hotels that we recommend are the best in their regions. While we are choosing them, the most important thing is our guest’s comfort and nothing can come front of it. Location, closeness to center, view etc. are the important steps of our selection-process.

Unique Dining Suggestions for the Taste of Clients

Food is inextricable part of the culture and we are very sensitive on that issue. Because of our Gourmet programs, we already have good suggestions as a result of our researches and we like to share our knowledge with our guests.

Free Concierge Services

Finding restaurant for the dinner, getting information to visit places for your free day, directions of the important centers… to have this information, you and your guests will not need to go anywhere but us. All of our guests can get this service whenever they want with our emergency number.
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