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What is The Difference Between Private Tours and SIC- Regular (Group)Tours ?

Private Tours and Regular-Group Tours in Turkey

If you aren’t interested in a group guided tour, you can travel with a guide on your own in Turkey. Your tour could either be customized to your liking, or you could choose one of the standard itineraries offered by us, so that you don’t have to think about where to stay, how long to be gone, when to fly, or any other travel logistics. Private guided tours are, of course, typically more expensive than group tours, but you never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd.

What is a Private Tour?

A private tour is a fully escorted package, which means in each city, you will have your own local or through professional tour guide speaking English or your language and a private air-conditioned car/vehicle/coach with your private driver at your service during your staying there, from meeting you at the airport ,horbour or train station upon your arrival, showing you around, till seeing you off at the airport (or train station or harbour ) for your next destination. If you take our private package, you will not be mixed with other tourists when sightseeing and transferring except in some conditions such as taking a commot boat cruise or seating in a show.

What is a SIC–Regular (Group) Tour?

Group Tour or SIB or Seat-in-Bus (Also known as SIC Seat-in-Coach , Group Tour or Servicio Regular)

A SIC Tour stands for Seat-in-Coach Tour, which means you will share an air-conditioned coach with other tourists and you will have an English-speaking tour guide to take you to all the scenic spots listed in the Itinerary that day. Usually your tour guide will contact you the night before to inform you about the next day’s departure time, and the next day our coach (bus) and guide will go from hotel to hotel to pick up guests who signed up the tour for the day. Compared with SIC tours, Private tours are usually less expensive than the SIC tours, but Private tours are more flexible.
Note: If you have 8-10 or more people in the group, we highly recommend you to take a private tour package because the costs are close to that of a Seat-In-Coach Tour.

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