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Top Things to See and Do in Bursa

Thinking about visiting Bursa for a few days and wondering what you can do while you’re here? Or, are you already planning a visit and just looking to fine-tune your itinerary? The former capital of the Ottoman Empire and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bursa has a ton to explore when it comes to historic structures. It’s not hard to spend a few days in Bursa enjoying the culture, exploring the history, and seeing the sights. There are plenty of things to do in Bursa. Here are The Best Things to See and Do in Bursa,Turkey.

What to See & Do in Bursa

Muradiye Complex

This relaxing complex contains a shady park, a cemetery with historic tombs, and the Sultan Murat II (Muradiye) Camii (1426). Imitating Yesil Camii’s painted decorations, the mosque features an intricate mihrab .

Emir Sultan Mosque

An early Ottoman mosque, the 14th-century Emir Sultan was named for Sultan Bayezit I’s son-in-law and adviser, a Persian scholar-dervish. Today’s structure reflects renovations made after a 1766 earthquake, in the then-fashionable Ottoman Baroque style, echoing the romantic decadence of Baroque and Rococo – rich in wood, curves and outer painted arches.

Green Mosque

Built for Mehmet I between 1412 and 1419, Yeşil Camii represents a departure from the previous, Persian-influenced Seljuk architecture. Exemplifying Ottoman stylings, it contains a harmonious facade and beautiful carved marble work around the central doorway. The mosque was named for the interior wall’s greenish-blue tiles.

Muradiye Tombs

The Muradiye cemetery’s 12 tombs (15th-16th centuries) include that of Sultan Murat II (r 1421–51). Although his son, Mehmet II, would capture Constantinople, Murat did all the earlier hard work, annexing territories from enemy states during his reign.

Bursa Citadel

Some ramparts and walls still survive on the steep cliff, the site of Bursa’s citadel and oldest neighbourhood, Tophane. From Ulu Camii, walk west and up Orhan Gazi (Yigitler) Caddesi, to reach the Hisar (Fortress). On the summit, a park contains the Tombs of Sultans Osman and Orhan , the Ottoman Empire’s founders.

Ulu Mosque

This enormous Seljuk-style shrine (1399) is Bursa’s most dominant and durable mosque. Sultan Beyazıt I built it in a monumental compromise – having pledged to build 20 mosques after defeating the Crusaders in the Battle of Nicopolis, he settled for one mosque, with 20 small domes.

Green Mausoleum

The mausoleum of fifth Ottoman sultan Mehmed I Celebi (and several of his children) stands in a cypress-trimmed park opposite Yesil Camii. During his short rule (1413–21), he re-united a fractured empire following the Mongols’ 1402 invasion.

Grand Bazaar

Behind the Ulu Cami, Bursa’s sprawling Kapalı Carsi is a great place to while away a few hours, especially if you find Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar too touristy. At the centre of the bazaar, the bedesten (vaulted, fireproof enclosure for valuable goods) was built in the late 14th century by Yilddirim Beyazit, although it was reconstructed after an earthquake in 1855.

Uludag Mountain

Well known as favourite of mountain and winter tourism, Uludag Mountain is the biggest center place of winter and nature sports in Bursa, Turkey. Also called as Olimpos Mountain and Kesis (Mosk) Mountain, Uludag is 2543 meter hight, 40 km long and approximately 15-20 km width.

Bursa City Museum

Chronicling Bursa’s history from the earliest sultans, their military campaigns and ornate firearms to more recent characters such as Tarzan impersonator Ali Atay, this lively museum mixes cultural and ethnographic collections with multimedia wizardry. Displays including a mock-up handicrafts bazaar give a good understanding of local life and culture.

Yildirim Beyazit Mosque

North of Emir Sultan Camii, this twin-domed mosque (1395), also referred to as just Beyazit Camii, was built by Mehmed I Celebi’s father, Sultan Bayezit I. It houses the tombs of Yildirim Beyazit (Thunderbolt Beyazit), as the sultan was known, and his other son, Isa. Its adjoining medrese is now a medical centre.

Koza Han

The Kapali Carsi tumbles out into the surrounding streets, but at some point you will find the gateway into the Koza Han, which was built in 1490. Unsurprisingly, the building is full of expensive ipek (silk) shops. In the courtyard is a small mosque constructed for Yildirim Beyazit in 1491.

Eat Iskender Kebap

This refuge for serious carnivores is famous nationwide – it is where the legendary Iskender kebap was created in 1867. The wood-panelled interior with tiled pillars and stained-glass windows is a refined environment for tasting the renowned dish.

Bursa Culture Park

The Culture Park lies north of the Muradiye complex but some way down the hill and boasts tea gardens and playgrounds. On the Cultural Park grounds you will also find the Archaelogical Museum.

Visit Cumalikizik Village

This is a traditional, well-preserved and beautiful old town. Some of the things you´ll be able to do there are: Walk around the streets, take some nice pictures, relax, have a meal or some tea in a nice area and buy souvenirs or jam made by the people living there.
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